Rule Changes and Notes

I. Combat: The following changes are made, based on World of Darkness: Dogs of War.

A. Bleeding: Any wound that causes 3 or more Health levels of lethal damage begins to bleed and the victim suffers 1 bashing damage each turn that the wound is untended and the character remains active or is in shock, or 1 bashing damage a minute if they are merely nursing their injury. Bashing wounds caused by bleeding wrap in the usual manner and a victim that fills their Health track with lethal damage as the result of bleeding is Incapacitated and in danger of dying, subject to the normal rules. Bleeding victims can be stabilized with a successful Intelligence + Medicine roll, with a -1 dice penalty for each level of lethal damage caused by the initial wound.

B. Shock: Shock: Whenever a character suffers a wound from a single attack that does more damage than their Stamina they may go into shock. The victim must roll Resolve + Composure, requiring only a single success to stay active and alert. Characters that fail the roll slide into shock and either try to run or curl into a fetal position wailing in pain and terror. Each turn the character suffers from shock he may attempt to recover with a successful Resolve + Composure roll at a cumulative -1 dice penalty. Other characters may attempt to assist the victim in recovery by rolling Presence + Expression or Intimidation; or Wits + Medicine. Each success on the roll adds a +1 dice bonus to the victim’s attempts to overcome their shock.

II. Merits:

A. Fighting Merits: All are available.

B. Choose other Merits carefully to fit your character without wasting points on things that will be useless later.

III. Other:

A. Professions: During character creation choose one of the Professions from Hunter, and apply the extra specialty. No Professional Training merit. (p. 74, HtV).

B. Teamwork: No change, but a strong emphasis on the teamwork rules from the core book, for survival. (p.134, WoD)

C. Practical Experience: The Practical Experience rules from Hunter will be adapted slightly, applying to intense Combat or Survival situations. (p. 211, HtV)

D. Morality: Always roll full Morality score for loss, unless the sin is 3 steps below your current rating; in that case roll the number associated with the sin. Derangement rolls are the same. (p. 91, WoD)

Rule Changes and Notes

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